• Critter Gitter Longbow by Great Northern Bowhunting

    Please enter your desired bow weight at your draw length. Eg: 50# @ 28" Note: Custom bows require a plus or minus 2# on draw weight.

    Critter Gitter & Critter Gitter Special Longbows by Great Northern Bowhunting

    The Critter Gitter is a sleek, narrow limbed bow measuring 1-1/8” wide at the fadeout that gracefully tapers to a mere 9/16” at the string nocks. The riser is 15” to 16” long depending on the bow length and is deflexed in design.

    The handle measures 4 ¾” in circumference around the leather wrap.

    The limbs are moderately reflexed offering a nice balance of a smooth draw and arrow speed. The Critter Gitter's efficiency is enhanced by the precise trapezoid cross section of the limbs which reduces limb mass, eliminates hand shock and increases performance.

    Our 5” power wedges are included in the limb tips.

    The Critter Gitter Special is available in lengths of 56", 58" & 60” - and is available with any of our stock limb cores and glass.

    The original Critter Gitter is available in lengths of 62” and 64” and is available with any of our stock limb cores and glass.

    Recommended brace height is 6 ¾”.

    Note: There is a 300.00 non-refundable deposit required on all bow orders.