If you're a traditional bowhunter looking for a quiver or a, you've come to the right place. Great Northern Bowhunting is well known for crafting quality professional bow quivers, over the shoulder quivers and more. We have quivers that strap on, some that bolt on, and some that hang over your shoulder. As you look at our quivers, remember that when your hunting situations change, so might your quiver needs. Each and every one of our quivers are proudly made in the U.S.A. and our wires are guaranteed for life!

You may find that for deer hunting in Southern Michigan, one of our strap on quivers serves you best. If you're bowfishing, you might want to carry extra arrows in our Sidekick over the shoulder quiver. Think about the bowhunting situations you normally find yourself in, and pick a quiver that will suit your needs best.

Speaking of bowfishing... Be sure to check out our Traditional Gadget Adapters. They're perfect for mounting bowfishing rigs to your bow without having to drill any holes. They strap on. Easy-on and easy-off.

Our various grippers accommodate wood or carbon arrows. You may need a different gripper depending on what you're shooting, but we sell extra grippers. It's always a good idea to have extra grippers in your tackle box, and an extra strap or two if you're using our strap-on models.

With our extensive quiver selection, you should have no problem finding what you need right here on our website. Thanks for visiting the Great Northern Bowhuting. Shoot straight let us carry your arrows! 

If you're a bowhunter, you're a descendant of a very old and very long line of independent, skillful and resourceful human beings that reaches back to prehistory.

You may not think of yourself as a rare breed, but you are. Bowhunters who use longbows and recurve bows for their hunting are a breed apart, they form a personal connection with their hunting equipment, especially their bows.

At Great Northern Bowhunting Company we design and build every bow with you in mind, and with respect for the long and noble hunter-gatherer lineage we are all connected to. We build hunting bows. Our bows are designed to make you the very best bow hunter you can be.

How do we do it? By paying attention to what really matters in a bow; stability, smoothness of draw, reliability, performance, refined design and carefully selected materials.

Our bows have an understated beauty and a refinement of appearance that will make them hold their appeal for a lifetime. And we still build our bows one at a time, by hand.

We could build fancy bows. We could build souped up bows. We could build bows and make impressive sounding claims about them. That isn’t what we do. We build real world bows for the real world of bow hunting. If there are any claims to be made, you'll be the one to make them, and you'll make them based on the confidence and success you'll experience through many seasons of bowhunting with your Great Northern bow.

Bob Brumm

Ordering Bows on the phone.

Note: We understand that figuring out exactly which model, or length, or bow weight is not always easy. We also want to make sure you get the bow that's the best match for you and your hunting style. That's why we encourage you to call us - after you've studied all the options. That way we can talk about the kind of bow, the qualities that are important to you, and figure out exactly what will fit you best.

Of course, when we're working on bows, we can't always stop to answer the phone, so if we don't answer - please leave us a detailed message with your name and your phone number. Please speak slowly and repeat your phone number. Sometimes answering machines mess up!

Our custom bow delivery schedule varies - call us for our current lead time.

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